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Welcome to Fusion Martial Arts Academy! We are here to assist you in your training goals. We have a complete curriculum that offers training in a variety of arts as well as fitness classes. Whether you want to learn self defense, develop new skills, improve physical fitness, lose weight, or simply relieve stress we have a program to help you.

What We Teach

Our classes blend together a variety of different martial arts. Our philosophy is that we should be as well rounded as possible and draw techniques from every source available to us. Check out what our programs have to offer.


MMA / Kickboxing

In this class you will become proficient at stand up fighting and learn ground defense. This program blends Muay Thai & JKD principles with ground fighting techniques.

Trapping / Sensitivity

In this class you will learn how to fight at close range, as well as perform locks & takedowns. This programs draws techniques from JKD, Wing Chun, Silat & Kali.

Kali / FMA

This class teaches you how to defend against an use various weapons. You will work with single & double stick, dagger, as well as how to use anything as an improvised weapon.

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