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Kali / Filipino Martial Arts

Kali is a weapons based art from the Philippines, it is one of the most complete martial arts in the world encompassing many different weapons, as well as empty hand & grappling techniques. In this program you will learn how to properly use an defend against various weapons. We train single and double stick, single and double dagger, staff, flexible weapons and empty hand techniques. Through the training you will learn how to use everyday objects as weapons for self defense. You will also gain an understanding of how various weapons are used to better defend against them.

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None. We welcome beginners as well as those who have practiced for years. Our curriculum is designed to accommodate someone just starting out or someone looking to improve their knowledge base.
We have loaner equipment to get you started. Once in the program you will want to get a pair of rattan training sticks and a training dagger.
Absolutely not. We welcome students of any fitness level and encourage everyone to work at their own level.
Our Kali class covers a wide variety of weapons, including: double stick, single stick, dagger, staff, and empty hands. Most drills you will work with a partner either matching hitting patterns or learning how to defend their attack. There will also be drills to practice hitting patterns in the air or against a bag to develop your striking skills. You will also work throws and locks back and forth, learn how to fall properly in the process.
Getting started is easy. You can give us a call at 215.322.5354 or sign up for a free intro lesson online here: If you have any other questions don't hesitate to call us or e-mail our head instructor: