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Fusion Jrs

Discipline & Defense. We teach your child how to be confident & defend themself.

In our Fusion Jrs program we teach the same martial arts that are available in our adult program, just presented in an age appropriate manner.

Your child will learn how to:

Kick, punch, knee & elbow properly

Defend themselves from someone attempting to grab them

Get up properly from the ground & defend against attacks

Develop a self defense mindset to stay safe

Learn control & confidence

Small class sizes

We strive to give the best possible individual attention to each student

We make learning fun for your child

Our instructors create a fun and comfortable atmosphere.


Your child will learn to follow directions & self control


Your child will learn how to move their own body with confidence


Your child will learn how to work with others to accomplish more


Your child will develop a strong sense fo self & beleive in themself

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