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Trapping / Sensitivity

Our trapping / sensitivity program is designed to teach you how to fight at close range and react by feel rather than sight. At close range, like when being grabbed or in grappling, you don't have time to react by site so it is vital to learn how to respond to an opponent through feeling shifts in weight or pressure. In addition to drills to help build this sensitivity, you will learn how to trap, lock & throw in this program.

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The Martial Arts

Jun Fan Gung Fu

Jeet Kune Do (JKD)

Bruce Lee’s martial art & philosophy. Jun Fan Gung Fu is a self-defense based art, which includes kickboxing, trapping, and grappling. There is a focus on efficient movement and moving between ranges. Jeet Kune Do is a philosophy of embracing all arts to build a personal defense style.
Wing Chun Kung Fu

Wing Chun

Wing Chun focuses on using sensitivity and body positioning to quickly take down an opponent. The focus is mainly on trapping and close quarter fighting. It is an excellent art for anyone because it does not rely on strength to execute the techniques, instead you use your opponent's energy against them.
Majapahit Silat


Silat systems can be found in many countries in Southeast Asian, including the Philippines, Indonesia, & Malaysia. This art focuses on locks, breaks, and takedowns to quickly disable an opponent. The goal is to quickly end the fight to lessen the chances of personal injury.

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None. We welcome beginners as well as those who have practiced for years. Our curriculum is designed to accommodate someone just starting out or someone looking to improve their knowledge base.
Most of the training in this class is done without equipment. Occasionally we will use bag gloves & focus mitts, but it is not essential to have to get started.
Absolutely not. We welcome students of any fitness level and encourage everyone to work at their own level.
We believe that one should use all the methods available to develop our skills. Most of the drills in this class are done back and forth with a partner working to develop sensitivity by reacting to your partner's movements. You will also work throws and locks back and forth, learn how to fall properly in the process.
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